Fruit Basket of Pakistan



Pakistan is an agriculture-friendly country where climatic conditions help fruits and vegetables to grow naturally. It is for this reason that around 40 different kinds of vegetables and 21 types of fruits are grown in four seasons, all year round. The area under fruits and vegetables is around 0.995 million hectare of the total cultivated area with the total production of 10.992 million tonnes on a yearly basis.
The major fruits grown in Pakistan include citrus, dates, bananas, mango, guava, apple, banana, apricot, grapes, almonds, peach, plum and pomegranate are the main fruits which are transported in all regions of the country as well as exported abroad. The fruits are being exported to European and Middle Eastern countries, thereby earning significant foreign reserves for the nation. Pakistan produces both citrus fruits as well as temperate fruits like almonds and apricots, which are grown in the northern regions. In terms of numbers, fruits have taken the lead with a 40% share and vegetables followed this with a 38% share while fruits and vegetable juices contributed another 8%. Thus together fruits and vegetables make up around 86% of the horticulture market.
For preservation purposes and to protect the product quality of fruits in Pakistan, post-harvest techniques are being employed. These include hydro cooling, refrigeration and freezing, modified atmosphere (MA) packaging, storage, control atmosphere storage, skin coating, hypobaric and other modern methodologies.