Brand Story


The brand story of Fruiti-O begins with a basic belief of producing the most perfect Juice drinks for the consumers. The vision is tied to the philosophy of harnessing freshness for the drinkers so that they can consume rich vitality of fruits mixed with a sense of excitement. For producing a high quality juice drink it's important to have in-depth knowledge and experience, the Fruiti-O team knows it best.


How It All began ?


It all began with the wish to produce something worthwhile for the consumers who take fruit drink as a favorite leisure. They would revel in the purity, freshness and excitement that would exude after consuming Fruiti-O.

This was the initiation of the Fruiti-O juice drink which has become a favorite amongst the masses; as a beverage that leaves the consumer spellbound, making a mark in their hearts and neighborhoods across the country with various locations nationwide. The Fruiti-O range comprises Mango, Peach, Guava, Apple & Orange Mango Juices Drinks.